Speed Sights pricing and shipping information

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FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: use Coupon Code:  ffcpmw

1  Sig models available now: 
Sigs older than 5 years; 9/40, 10/.45
 Due to inconsistancies in some P365 Sig Slides we are

holding further sales of the Sig P365 until we can figure 

out what they have done.

    Sig models coming soon: P320's, Legion, Nitrons.         

2  Walther P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2  Now available!!!

3   M&P line +1s Shields sold out more coming in a few weeks and +2s available now.

4  We don't have adjustable sights yet for any models.

5  Our shipping will be approximately 2-3 business days after ordering for all sights except      M&P Shield rear with Tritium, which currently is 7-14 business days.


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Complement of the month:


From one of our Beta Testers: These are so much better than factory, and even any other aftermarket I have used before.

We shot at targets with what I would call quick target acquisition and they worked great.

Thank you for the opportunity,

D. W.






On the silver order menu to the left, click on the handgun model and type of sight desired (regular premium sights, or premium Tritium night sight option).  After clicking on the silver tab, select the front and rear sights separately;  Select your choice of front sight color from within your catagory.  Examples of Tritium front night sights (Hot Pink, Blaze Orange, Bright Lime) are shown below.  

There are two Night Sight configurations: 

    Full Night Sights: Tritium lamps, front and rear: 164.99

    Front sight with Tritium, with standard premium white Diamond rear: 129.99

 Standand Premium Diamond Sights  

     Diamond set: Standard premium, no Tritium (front sight color options shown below) : 99.00

Shipping options details:

     U.S. Postal Service: exact rates can change daily by U.S. Postal Service: rates below are close averages:

     Priority Mail: $5.60 (3-4 days average delivery time within the U.S.)

Speed Sights ship from the Pacific Northwest

You can also call or Email for expedited delivery. Options and pricing can be
viewed within the shopping and purchase area.

Speed Sights Return Policy


Speed Sights offers a 60 day return policy. However sights that have been scratched, dinged or worn so that the silver metal is showing through can not be sold again except at a reduced price. Badly scratched or dinged sights may sell for 50%-60% off the purchase price.Therefore we must asses returned sights remaining value upon receipt. Normal Pre-owned sights with scratches on the bottom of the dovetail only, are generally discounted at $15-20 off the purchase price. Their value plus the shipping cost for Priority mail 2-3 day shipping will be refunded. If they come back looking like new, then we can offer a full refund. 


Using proper pusher tools to install our sights goes a long way toward insuring their value remains intact. Take extra care with your Speed Sights during your trial period so that in the unlikely event you decide you need to return them we can refund as much as possible of your purchase.


How can I have Tritium replaced if it goes dead?


 1.  There are two options. You can send us the used sight, one time only, and we will have new tritium put in the dark side at no charge. That generally takes about a week or two.


2.   If you are in law enforcement and you need your sights for your duty weapon, you may purchase a new sight which we will send out immediately. When we have received and inspected the used sight you return, we will refund the new purchase order for the amount of the worth of the used sight, not deducting anything for the dead tritium unless it is obvious that the sight was badly damaged in a way that would cause the tritium to fail . 


It is important to understand that sights which have been tapped into place are often the reason for the damaged tritium and are generally dinged on the sides. So we have to take that into consideration when assesing the value.


We hope you understand the necessity to cover at least part of our losses for damaged and scratched sights which can never be sold at retail price again.

Speed Sights

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