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Please use the silver menu bars to the left to enter the shopping and purchase area

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On the silver order menu to the left, click on the handgun model and type of sight desired (regular premium sights, or premium Tritium night sight option).  After clicking on the silver tab, select the front and rear sights separately;  Select your choice of front sight color from within your catagory.  Examples of Tritium front night sights (Hot Pink, Blaze Orange, Bright Lime) are shown below.  

There are two Night Sight configurations: 

    Full Night Sights: Tritium lamps, front and rear: 164.99

    Front sight with Tritium, with standard premium white Diamond rear: 129.99

 Standand Premium Diamond Sights  

     Diamond set: Standard premium, no Tritium (front sight color options shown below) : 99.00

Shipping options details:

     U.S. Postal Service: exact rates can change daily by U.S. Postal Service: rates below are close averages:

     USPS: United States Postal Service: 

     First Class Mail: $1.95 (4-7 days average delivery time within the U.S.)

     Priority Mail: $5.60 (3-4 days average delivery time within the U.S.)

Speed Sights ship from the Pacific Northwest

You can also call or Email for expedited delivery. Options and pricing can be
viewed within the shopping and purchase area.

Speed Sights

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